Hungry Caterpillars

This was a fun activity for Spring. And I have so many egg boxes waiting to be used for crafts! I suggested we each make The Hungry Caterpillar but B wanted to make his own design, though he insisted I make The Hungry Caterpillar! He’s obsessed with the colour black so he just had to use the black paint! I really love his black spotty and green caterpillar!


We talked about what kind of butterfly or moth our caterpillars would turn into, and what they might eat. We decided our next activity would be to make a cocoon, and after that, a butterfly!

We also made flowers. B wanted to make blue bells because we have lots in our garden which he helped to re-plant with me at the weekend.

We love Spring!


Pocket Painting

I found this nice little mess-free painting activity online. Being chronically ill I can’t usually manage to set up an activity, do the activity, then clean up afterwards, so I tend to choose less messy activities for indoors. So this was a great idea for a mess-free painting session.

140311 Pocket Painting Collage

I used a zip-lock plastic document wallet. I put three blobs of paint in, zipped it up and taped it to the table, getting as much air out as possible. B liked mixing it all up to start with, then wrote in it and used stamps and rollers. It wasn’t the longest lasting activity, but given the minimal amount of tidying up afterwards it was worth it!

There’s no rush to tidy it up either, it could stay for a few days if the space wasn’t needed for something else.

Freckle Kisses

I have kidney disease and am pretty ill with it. This means my husband has to do the morning routine and school run with little B. I feel bad that I’m not there for him as much as I’d like, so I often leave little notes and suchlike for him to find when he gets up.

Recently the sunshine has made B’s freckles really stand out. I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and tell him I want to kiss them all! He loves it and often reminds me to kiss them! So I thought I would make a box of Freckle Kisses for him! It’s nothing amazing craft-wise. I try not to be too perfectionist about these things because B doesn’t care, he loves the things I do regardless of quality!

140310 Freckle Kisses

I found a picture of lips online, and copied it onto a word label doc so there were around 20 of them, then printed them and cut them up. On the back of each one I wrote a little love note, some were freckles I would kiss (nose, forehead etc.), others were general love notes. I put them into a little box, and added a few hearts as well.

I also added one of the kisses to his lunch box for a lunch time surprise.

B absolutely loved it. He was so excited to talk to about it when I collected him from school. He was really eager to show me what he made for me in his bedroom that morning (I hadn’t seen it) – he’d made a heart with the kisses (below). He was so cute and loving, he obviously loved it! And I loved the heart he made!


Bee Bungalow

Towards the end of last summer I had to cut two of our fennel plants down because the they were attracting wasps. I didn’t know wasps were partial to fennel nectar! I didn’t feel comfortable with B playing in the garden with about 30 wasps hanging around. We kept one of the plants as they were so popular with the bees and ladybirds and we welcomed those guests open-heartedly, but wanted a few less wasps in our garden.


I left the cut down plants sitting at the end of the garden. Once Spring arrived this year I went out to tidy up the garden and discovered the thick fennel ‘trunk’ pieces were hollow down the middle. We decided this was perfect to make into a home for solitary bees. I found a tall plastic plant pot which could act as a waterproof cover, cut the ‘trunk’ pieces to size and put them in. There was still some room left so my husband found some other bits of wood, got the drill out, and he and B drilled some holes. It was the first time B had used the drill (carefully supervised!), he was so excited. He wants to be just like daddy!

140309 Making bee nests Collage 3

They drilled holes in each end of the pieces of wood about 3 or 4 inches long, along with some diagonal holes in the middle. We filled up the plastic pot and wedged it amongst the branches of one of our trees which has a snowberry plant growing up around it, the flowers of which the bees love. I made a little sign for the bees, though it was of course it was really just to look pretty rather than being for the bees themselves!

We were having too much fun, out in the sunshine, the boys with their boy-toys, so we made another bee home, slightly different this time. The wood was much denser and more freshly cut and seemed like it would be more waterproof, so we didn’t need a cover for this one. We bundled the sticks together with string and hung it on the fence behind the Forsythia, which the bees rather like.

140309 Bee nests collage

I hope the solitary bees like them!