If all else fails… bake!

Going through my backlog of photos!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with our time, especially during the winter months. I post all these lovely things we do together on here, but there are also plenty of days that are boring and uneventful that I don’t write about! On these kinds of days, cooking and baking always comes in very handy! For a long time I was too disabled to bake with Buzz so it is extra fun and rewarding for us now.

Here is a pizza Buzz made from scratch (with no sugar or salt added like the shop bought ones, and using homemade pureed roast veg). I wish I could boast that Buzz always eats this healthily but alas…. I would need a body that doesn’t fail me every day for such boastfulness!



And for pudding he had the gingerbread men he’d made earlier that day…


Yum 🙂


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