Sunshine & Freckles 

Sunshine and Freckles, that would make a good name for a blog!

I love the sun for many, many reasons, one of them being Buzz’s freckles come to life! Look at them! Perfection! 😍


Silly things to do with Chrupki (Polish corn pufs – 100% corn and nothing else – kinda like eating those polystyrine packaging thingies! But at the same time very morish and healthy (no sugar, salt, oil etc. etc.).


We made up our own clapping routine. I did the first 8 claps, then Buzz the second 8 claps, then me the third 8, then Buzz the fourth 8. Maybe we’ll add to it another day. Oh and feel free to subscribe to Buzz’s You Tube channel – click on the video and it should take you there.



Buzz holding his birth weight!

Buzz is surprised at how heavy he was at birth! I wouldn’t know what he felt like at birth as I couldn’t hold him for about ten days but even then he felt lighter than this. I guess there’s a science lesson in there somewhere, something to do with mass and density. I’ll go figure it out!

Rescue Operation Amphibian

Our family’s animal rescue ethos extends way beyond guinea pigs! Before Dad mows the lawn we have to carefully rifle through the grass in search of these beauties, of which we get many in our front and back gardens, and move them to the area of the garden we’ve set up as a safe frog habitat. I’m not sure Buzz is quite as obsessed with bugs and mini beasts as I was as a child but he certainly has a strong appreciation for them.  💚

Our Gorgeous Guinea Pigs

Barnabas loves our guinea pigs, a fantastic sensory input for him and a very calming influence. I’m super protective of the pigs so we don’t have tonnes of cuddles, mostly we just sit and watch them. We have fun putting our voices to their actions, as if we are them. 

We thought it was interesting that two of our pigs are currently the same weight as Barnabas when he was born, 2lb 12oz or 1250g. This is one of them, Lemony Flop, though he is actually bigger in size to Barnabas when he came into this world. We’re convinced he’s half rabbit…. the piggy that is, not Barnabas!