Sunshine & Freckles 

Sunshine and Freckles, that would make a good name for a blog!

I love the sun for many, many reasons, one of them being Buzz’s freckles come to life! Look at them! Perfection! 😍


Silly things to do with Chrupki (Polish corn pufs – 100% corn and nothing else – kinda like eating those polystyrine packaging thingies! But at the same time very morish and healthy (no sugar, salt, oil etc. etc.).


We made up our own clapping routine. I did the first 8 claps, then Buzz the second 8 claps, then me the third 8, then Buzz the fourth 8. Maybe we’ll add to it another day. Oh and feel free to subscribe to Buzz’s You Tube channel – click on the video and it should take you there.



Freckle Kisses

I have kidney disease and am pretty ill with it. This means my husband has to do the morning routine and school run with little B. I feel bad that I’m not there for him as much as I’d like, so I often leave little notes and suchlike for him to find when he gets up.

Recently the sunshine has made B’s freckles really stand out. I think they are absolutely gorgeous, and tell him I want to kiss them all! He loves it and often reminds me to kiss them! So I thought I would make a box of Freckle Kisses for him! It’s nothing amazing craft-wise. I try not to be too perfectionist about these things because B doesn’t care, he loves the things I do regardless of quality!

140310 Freckle Kisses

I found a picture of lips online, and copied it onto a word label doc so there were around 20 of them, then printed them and cut them up. On the back of each one I wrote a little love note, some were freckles I would kiss (nose, forehead etc.), others were general love notes. I put them into a little box, and added a few hearts as well.

I also added one of the kisses to his lunch box for a lunch time surprise.

B absolutely loved it. He was so excited to talk to about it when I collected him from school. He was really eager to show me what he made for me in his bedroom that morning (I hadn’t seen it) – he’d made a heart with the kisses (below). He was so cute and loving, he obviously loved it! And I loved the heart he made!