Sunshine & Freckles 

Sunshine and Freckles, that would make a good name for a blog!

I love the sun for many, many reasons, one of them being Buzz’s freckles come to life! Look at them! Perfection! 😍


Silly things to do with Chrupki (Polish corn pufs – 100% corn and nothing else – kinda like eating those polystyrine packaging thingies! But at the same time very morish and healthy (no sugar, salt, oil etc. etc.).


We made up our own clapping routine. I did the first 8 claps, then Buzz the second 8 claps, then me the third 8, then Buzz the fourth 8. Maybe we’ll add to it another day. Oh and feel free to subscribe to Buzz’s You Tube channel – click on the video and it should take you there.



A Springtime Ginger Bread House

Before Christmas last year we bought a gingerbread house to decorate over Christmas, but we ran out of time, so we decided to make it around Easter time instead, so of course made it flowery! Barnabas was keen to put lots of wildlife in the garden!

Spring Gingerbread House

Hungry Caterpillars

This was a fun activity for Spring. And I have so many egg boxes waiting to be used for crafts! I suggested we each make The Hungry Caterpillar but B wanted to make his own design, though he insisted I make The Hungry Caterpillar! He’s obsessed with the colour black so he just had to use the black paint! I really love his black spotty and green caterpillar!


We talked about what kind of butterfly or moth our caterpillars would turn into, and what they might eat. We decided our next activity would be to make a cocoon, and after that, a butterfly!

We also made flowers. B wanted to make blue bells because we have lots in our garden which he helped to re-plant with me at the weekend.

We love Spring!