Coca-Cola Christmas!

Quite why we are so keen to see a coke truck I don’t know!

151218 Coke Truck Collage.jpg


Home School Swim Session

Our first time at the home school swim session today. We’ve not been able to come before as under 8s need accompanying in the pool and I’m not able to do that (although I hope I’ll be well enough for the occasional swim!), but now he’s 8 here we are. 

Buzz is his happiest in water, which is one of the best things about homeschooling, he gets to swim 3 or more times a week, sometimes for a few hours at a time.




First Day Of School (Herstmonceux Science Centre)

Not exactly Buzz’s first day of school, we’re always doing ‘school’, but his friends’ first day back to school after the summer holiday. It was the day before his birthday and I’d asked him to name any one place, and any one friend, and that would be his birthday treat instead of a party this year. He chose Herstmonceux Science Centre (yay we love it there!) and his home school friend C. Lovely day. Lovely place. Lovely friend.

Here’s to many more ‘school’ trips! 

150904 Herstmonceux Collage

Where Does Our Recycling Go?

The first day of school after we’d taken Buzz out of school we wanted to do something really fun, so that he didn’t feel that he was missing out by not being at school. It just so happened that some other local homeschoolers were going to visit the recycling facility for our area, with a guided tour by the manager. It was fantastic, and I was so proud of Buzz for asking the manager some really good questions. We intend to visit the incinerator and the composting site as well in due course.

-150413 Recycling Centre Collage