Sunshine & Freckles 

Sunshine and Freckles, that would make a good name for a blog!

I love the sun for many, many reasons, one of them being Buzz’s freckles come to life! Look at them! Perfection! 😍


Silly things to do with Chrupki (Polish corn pufs – 100% corn and nothing else – kinda like eating those polystyrine packaging thingies! But at the same time very morish and healthy (no sugar, salt, oil etc. etc.).


We made up our own clapping routine. I did the first 8 claps, then Buzz the second 8 claps, then me the third 8, then Buzz the fourth 8. Maybe we’ll add to it another day. Oh and feel free to subscribe to Buzz’s You Tube channel – click on the video and it should take you there.



Buzz holding his birth weight!

Buzz is surprised at how heavy he was at birth! I wouldn’t know what he felt like at birth as I couldn’t hold him for about ten days but even then he felt lighter than this. I guess there’s a science lesson in there somewhere, something to do with mass and density. I’ll go figure it out!

Tongue Twisters

I suggested we write a poem as Buzz always comes out with very poetic sounding phrases, but he suggested we write tongue twisters instead. Homeschooling is mostly Buzz-led so that’s what we did. Here they are. Some written by Buzz, some by me. Let us know which was the hardest to repeat over and over as we’re having a competition between us!

Ali asks Alan about antelopes and anteaters.

Busy buzzy Barnabas bakes bread beautifully.

Can cows count cantankerous crickets?

Does Darren dance delightfully?

Elephants eat elderberries early in England.

Gorgeous guineas graze on grass gratefully.

Lily lies laughing like Little Lola.

Silly Sam sings silly songs on sunny Saturdays.

Timmy titters to tiny turtles.


Garden Galore!

We only intended to make a little broken pot garden (pot got broken in the latest wind storm, but nothing is trash in this household!), but we got carried away and made three little gardens: a broken pot cascading garden, a hanging basket, and a little miniature village. The bare patch on the village has grass seeds, we will be making it into a little playground on a lawn.

Fun times!


Atlantas 28_04_2016 17_49_10.jpg

Rescue Operation Amphibian

Our family’s animal rescue ethos extends way beyond guinea pigs! Before Dad mows the lawn we have to carefully rifle through the grass in search of these beauties, of which we get many in our front and back gardens, and move them to the area of the garden we’ve set up as a safe frog habitat. I’m not sure Buzz is quite as obsessed with bugs and mini beasts as I was as a child but he certainly has a strong appreciation for them.  💚

If all else fails… bake!

Going through my backlog of photos!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with our time, especially during the winter months. I post all these lovely things we do together on here, but there are also plenty of days that are boring and uneventful that I don’t write about! On these kinds of days, cooking and baking always comes in very handy! For a long time I was too disabled to bake with Buzz so it is extra fun and rewarding for us now.

Here is a pizza Buzz made from scratch (with no sugar or salt added like the shop bought ones, and using homemade pureed roast veg). I wish I could boast that Buzz always eats this healthily but alas…. I would need a body that doesn’t fail me every day for such boastfulness!



And for pudding he had the gingerbread men he’d made earlier that day…


Yum 🙂